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What Does MTN Ghana Do

What Does MTN Ghana Do – Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) is Africa’s leading Telecommunication Provider. Launched in 1994, MTN is a global telecommunications group, operating in 21 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The Company has over 17.83 million subscribers with a market share of approximately 55.09% as of December 2017.

MTN Ghana
What Does MTN Ghana Do

Their mission is to be a vehicle for Ghana’s economic growth and development, helping to promote Ghana’s strong development potential from the provision of world-class telecommunications products and services all through to innovative and sustainable corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Ranges of Services MTN provide:

Personal                         Business                          MoMo

Promotions                       Services Solutions            Personal

Products                                                                          Agent

Tariff Plans                                                                     Merchant

Apps                                                                                  Developers

They offer their customers a range of exciting products and services under Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go Services. MTN’s key value is to enrich the lives of its Ghanaian customers through innovation.

For more, contact MTN Ghana or visit their Website.

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