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Ways to Unlock your Momo Account

Ways to Unlock your Momo Account- The MTN Mobile Money payment system has come to revolutionize payments and financial transactions in Ghana. For more than a decade now the Telecommunication giant of Africa MTN has had more income through the Momo service.

Ways to Unlock your Momo Account

The majority of Ghanaians are subscribed to their Mobile Money system. That’s how significant it is in the lives of the people. This is because you are rather paying bills, buying Airtime/bundle, and sending or receiving money from friends or family.

Just like many other financial systems, Mobile money’s security structures make it possible for accounts to be blocked when there are infringements upon the rules and regulations governing the system. This article will enlighten you on how to unlock your momo account when it is blocked.

Already known information, MTN may block your Mobile Money account if you repeatedly enter the wrong PIN 3 consecutive times.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions?
  2. Do I lose all my money when my account is blocked?
  3. Do I need to buy a new sim to access Momo again?
Ways to Unlock your Momo Account
Ways to Unlock your Momo Account

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

You don’t lose any funds when your Account is Blocked unless it had already been redrawn from your wallet before it was Blocked.
No, you don’t need to buy or register a new sim before you access your blocked account.

Steps to Unblock your Mobile Money Account

To unblock your account you need the following details to achieve that goal;

  1. Your national ID Card. (Preferably the one used in registering for your account)
  2. You should be able to remember your last mobile money balance before the account was blocked.
  3. Your most recent transaction
  4. Be sure to remember your most recent calls and the numbers you called.
  5. Your Date of Birth (DOB) and full name

Having this information you can now proceed to Unblock your account by;

  1. Dial 100 on the blocked Mobile Money SIM
  2. Select your preferred language from the list provided
  3. Select 5 to speak to a customer care representative.

Hold till you get connected. After being connected to a customer care agent, Explain to he/she and you will be asked to provide the details discussed and you shall be assisted.

Your account will be restored and you’ll receive a text message for you to reset your Mobile Money PIN

If it doesn’t work go to the nearest MTN office, so they can review your situation and propose an appropriate solution.

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