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Ways to Get A US Phone Number In Ghana

Ways to Get A US Phone Number In Ghana – Lots of people hit a brick wall when getting verified on a website like PayPal.  It’s always discouraging to be denied on these websites, so much so that it reduces one’s interest.

PayPal demands verification of a phone number together with a mail or billing address before you can be fully active with the service. How To Create A PayPal Account In Ghana For Free

Ways to Get A US Phone Number In Ghana
Ways to Get A US Phone Number In Ghana

Since Ghana is not accepted, getting a US number to create the account and use for verification is a good idea to get it verified. Some other websites/ services don’t accept registrations from Ghana.

If only there was a way around this, YES there is.

This article is going to inform you on how to get a US Phone number right here in Ghana without setting foot on their shores.

The number generated can also be used to verify a Whatsapp account or even Facebook.

Ways To Get A US Number in Ghana


Text plus is a great app for receiving free calls and text SMS from anywhere. Text plus offers free US numbers for a lifetime. With the free dummy US phone number assigned to you, it can be used to send/receive free calls and text messages from anywhere in the world.

Follow the below steps to get a free US number using Textplus.

  1. Firstly, download the Textplus Android/iOS app from the store.
  2. Open the app and signup. On the signup page, you need to enter these details > Your Name, DOB, Password, Email etc.
  3. After the signup process, what’s left is to set a free US number
  4. On your app dashboard, navigate to the menu icon, and click on the button that says ‘Tap to get free Textplus Number ” to get your free US number.
  5. In the next section, you need to select any state and area code.
  6. Now click on Get a Custom Number
  7. That’s all. You have a working US number now.

Google Voice

Google Voice offers a free second US number for all US citizens. It means, the second US number by Google Voice, you need to be a native of the US. An active US number will be needed to verify the new one.

Friends or family member in the US can verify their working phone numbers. An SMS verification will be sent to the number. Let them send you the verification code. It is needed.

Below are the steps to follow to get a Google voice number.

  1. Type Google Voice in Google search and open the first link to visit the site.
  2. Sign in with your Gmail account
  3. Click on Get Google Voice and click continue. Note, Google Voice can be accessed only with a PC.
  4. Next, search any local US area and pick any number of your choice by entering the Area code
  5. Verify your Voice number by inserting a working US number for SMS verification
  6. After verification, your Google Voice number will be active. You can use it to receive calls and SMS for free.

Google voice number for site verification like PayPal, WhatsApp and others. In conclusion, getting a US number is Possible and doesn’t need a Hacker to achieve in the 21st century.

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