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List of Best Radio Stations In Ghana 2023

Radio broadcasting in Ghana has been a popular medium of communication for decades. With over 100 FM radio stations and a few AM stations spread across the country, radio plays a crucial role in disseminating information to Ghanaians, promoting local content, and entertaining listeners. The diverse range of radio stations in Ghana cater to different demographics and interests, ranging from music, sports, politics, current affairs, and culture. Here are the List of Best Radio Stations In Ghana 2023.

The radio industry in Ghana has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the emergence of digital radio stations and the expansion of coverage areas. While many radio stations are located in Accra, the capital city, there are also numerous stations in other regions and towns across the country. These stations provide local content and programming, serving as a vital source of information for people in rural areas.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of radio stations in Ghana, categorizing them by region and language. Additionally, we will highlight some of the most popular stations in the country, their programming, and their contribution to Ghana’s media landscape. This list will be useful for anyone looking to explore the diverse range of radio stations in Ghana, whether you are a Ghanaian resident or a foreigner seeking to learn more about the country’s culture and media.

The following is a list of the Best and Top Radio Stations in Ghana. The list available here is all recognized and Licenced by the Government to operate. The list has been categorized into Stations in each of the 16 regions in Ghana.

List of Best Radio Stations In Ghana
List of Best Radio Stations In Ghana

List of Radio Stations in Greater Accra

Oman FM107.1Listen LIVEAccra
Rainbow Radio87.5Listen LIVEAccra
Green FM88.5Listen LIVEAccra
Obonu FM96.5Listen LIVETema
Adom FM106.3Listen LIVETema
Asempa FM94.7Listen LIVEAccra
Atlantis Radio87.9Listen LIVEAccra
BBC Radio101.3 New Takoradi
Channel R92.7 Accra
Choice FM102.3Listen LIVEAccra
Citi FM97.3Listen LIVEAccra
Great FM91.3 Accra
Happy FM98.9Listen LIVEAccra
Hitz FM103.9Listen LIVEAccra
Hot FM93.9Listen LIVEAccra
joy FM99.7Listen LIVEAccra
Okay FM101.7Listen LIVEAccra
Peace FM104.3Listen LIVEAccra
Pluzz FM89.9Listen LIVEAccra
Prime FM89.1Listen LIVEAccra
Picom Radio   
Radio Gold90.5Listen LIVEAccra
Radio Universe105.7 Legon – Accra
RFI89.5Listen LIVEAccra
Sena Radio104.7 Tema
Sunny FM88.7Listen LIVEAccra
Sweet Melodies FM94.3Listen LIVEAccra
Top Radio103.1Listen LIVEAccra
Uniiq FM95.7Listen LIVEAccra
Vibe FM91.9 Accra
X FM95.1 Accra
Y FM107.9Listen LIVEAccra
Marhaba FM99.3 Accra
Radio XYZ93.1Listen LIVEAccra
Radio Ada93.3Listen LIVEAda
Mpoano FM33.3  
Agoo FM96.9Listen LIVEKwahu West
Pravda radio93.5Listen LIVEAccra

List of Radio Stations in Kumasi

Angel FM96.1Listen LIVEKumasi
Anigye FM102.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Ashh FM101.1Listen LIVEKumasi
Boss FM93.7Listen LIVEKumasi
Sikka FM89.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Focus FM94.3Listen LIVEKumasi
Fox FM97.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Freedom FM87.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Garden City Radio92.1 Kumasi
Hello FM101.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Dess FM90.3Listen LIVEBekwai
Jem FM105.7Listen LIVEKumasi
Kapital Radio97.1Listen LIVEKumasi
RFI92.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Kessben FM93.3Listen LIVEKumasi
KFM103.7Listen LIVEKumasi
Kings Radio100.3Listen LIVEKonongo
Light FM94.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Luv FM99.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Metro FM94.1Listen LIVEKumasi
New Mercury91.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Nhyira FM104.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Nkosuo FM95.3Listen LIVEKumasi
Otec FM102.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Radio Lynk90.5 Kumasi
Spirit FM88.3Listen LIVEKumasi
Ultimate Radio106.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Virgin City Radio105.3Listen LIVEKonongo
Zuria FM88.7Listen LIVEKumasi
Price FM107.3Listen LIVEKumasi
All Friends FM94.5Listen LIVEKumasi
Sunsum FM98.7 Kumasi
Mighty FM91.1Listen LIVEMampong
Tyme FM96.9Listen LIVEObuasi
Shaft FM98.1Listen LIVEObuasi
Mynd FM105.1Listen LIVEKumasi
Alpha Radio104.9Listen LIVEKumasi
Okese FM106.5Listen LIVEEjisu

List of Radio Stations in the Volta Region

Jubilee Radio106.9Listen LIVEKeta
Light FM101.1Listen LIVEDenu
Holy FM98.5 Aflao
Victory FM96.1Listen LIVEAwakome – Aflao
Lorlornyo FM93.3Listen LIVEHohoe
Volta Premier FM98.1 Ho
Hope93.1Listen LIVEHo
US FM100.3 Ho
Kekeli Radio102.9 Ho
Volta Star Radio91.3Listen LIVEHo
Kaleawo FM107.3 Akatsi
Shine FM96.9 Akatsi
Hogebe FM106.5 Anloga
Radio Tongu92.1 Sogakope
Tosh FM103.9 Ho

List of Radio Stations in Upper West

Radio Upper West90.1 Wa
Radio Freed   
Radio Progress98.1 Wa
Radford FM107.5 Upper West Region

List of Radio Stations in Upper East

A1 Radio101.1Listen LIVEBolgatanga
Word FM88.3Listen LIVEZuarungu
GBC URA Radio89.7 Bolgatanga
Nabiina Radio90.7 Navrongo
Radio Bliss94.7 Bawku
Radio Gurune99.3 Bolgatanga
Rock FM103.7 Bolgatanga
Radio Builsa106.5 Sandema

List of Radio Stations in Brong Ahafo

Anapua FM105.1Listen LIVEKenyasi
Star FM89.7Listen LIVEAtebubu
Ark FM107.1Listen LIVESunyani
Dormaa FM100.7Listen LIVEDormaa
Space FM87.7Listen LIVESunyani
Agoro FM93.1Listen LIVEBerekum
Chris FM88.9Listen LIVEBerekum
Adepa FM107.3Listen LIVETechiman
Dinpa FM91.3Listen LIVESunyani
Duapa FM102.7 Kintampo
Omega Radio104.9 Drobo
Sky FM96.7Listen LIVESunyani
Kiss FM97.5Listen LIVEDrobo
Gifts FM105.5Listen LIVEDormaa
Akyeaa FM99.1 Nkoranza
Nananom FM92.5Listen LIVEGoaso
Success FM90.9Listen LIVEGoaso
Yankee FM95.9 Sampa
Shalom FM100.3Listen LIVEBerekum
Royals FM109.7Listen LIVEWenchi
Classic FM91.9 Techiman
Asta FM103.9Listen LIVETechiman
Vizen FM90.5 Chiraa
Storm FM101.9Listen LIVESunyani
Tain FM90.9 Nsawkaw
Power FM90.7Listen LIVE 
Life FM95.5Listen LIVENkawkaw
Radio BAR (GBC)93.5 Sunyani
Parrot FM103.3 Madina
Winners FM98.5Listen LIVETechiman

List of Radio Stations in the Northern Region

Zaa Radio99.3MhzListen LIVETamale
Savannah Radio91.2Mhz Tamale
Diamond FM93.7MhzListen LIVETamale
Radio Justice FM98.5MhzListen LIVETamale
Fiila FM89.3MhzListen LIVETamale
NorthStar Radio92.1Mhz Tamale
Bishara Radio97.7MhzListen LIVETamale
Might Fm90.5Mhz Savelegu
Eagle FM94.1Listen LIVEWalewale
Kesmi FM107.1MhzListen LIVETamale

List of Radio Stations in the Central Region

Sompa FM90.9Listen LIVECape Coast
Pink Fm96.9Listen LIVEKasoa
Okokroko Ogua FM96.9Listen LIVECape Coast
Apam FM Listen LIVEAccra
Enuanom105.1 Swerdu
Nkwa FM88.1Listen LIVE 
Obrempon FM91.7 Swedru
Radio Biak   
Hope FM107.1Listen LIVE 
Spark FM103.5 Dunkwa
Solar FM”91.1Listen LIVEDunkwa
Yes FM102.9Listen LIVECape Coast
Shomka FM99.5Listen LIVEElimia
Obaco Fm  Mankessim
Breezy FM123 Ajumako Bisease
Kintinka FM97.7Listen LIVESwedru
Oburmankoma FM  Mankessim

List of Radio Stations in the Eastern Region

Eastern FM105.1Listen LIVEKoforidua
Poly FM87.7 Koforidua
Fawe FM105.9  
Life FM98.7 nkawkaw
Kudaya FM   
Spring FM102.7  
Obouba FM91.7Listen LIVE 
Vision FM90.9 Koforidua
Emak FM97.7 Koforidua
Krush FM89.1 Koforidua
Goodlife FMGoodlife FM broadcasting105.5 Koforidua
Hi Fm99.3Listen LIVENkawkaw
SunRise FM106.7 Koforidua
Agoo FM96.9Listen LIVEEast Nkawkaw

List of Radio Stations in the Western Region

Kyzz FM89.7Listen LIVETakoradi
Vision FM102.7 Koforidua
Winners FM104.9Listen LIVETechiman
Sekondi FM   
Skyy Power93.5Listen LIVE 
Radio Maxx105.1Listen Live 
De Beat FM95.5  
Liberty FM92.7Listen LIVE 
Rainbow FM107.7  
Paragon FM99.9Listen LIVETakoradi
Adehyee FM99.1Listen LIVEKumasi
AsedaTV FM Listen LIVEKumasi
Aseda FM105.9Listen LIVETakoradi
Help FM103.9 Takoradi
Goodnews FM96.3 Takoradi
Beach FM105.5Listen LIVETakoradi
Rok FM98.7 Takoradi
Melody FM91.1Listen LIVETakoradi
YFM97.9Listen LIVETakoradi, Accra, Kumasi
Dynamite88.9 Tarkwa
Space FM87.7Listen LIVETarkwa
Servant FM103.9 Sefwi Bekwai
Golden Pod105.5 Juaboso

How many Radio Stations do we have in Ghana?

  • 350+ Radio Stations in Ghana, but 350 are Commercialized

What is the Best Radio Station in Ghana for Music?

  • YFM is the best in Music.

Which Radio Station in Ghana is the most credible news source?

  • Citi FM is the most credible news Radio Station in Ghana

What is the Top Radio Frequency in Ghana?

  • 103.1 FM is the most Known Frequency in Ghana.

What is the Best Radio Station in Ghana for Foreign News?

  • JoyFm is the best in foreign news.

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