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How to Reset your MoMo PIN

How to reset your MoMo PIN. It offers normal these days when people forget their passwords and PIN. Sometimes others complain that my Money was withdrawn without my permission. The majority of Computer illiteracy in Ghana are the Elderly. This is how to reset your MoMo PIN.

Reset Your MoMo PIN

Due to this, they are preyed on by the younger Population. Please be careful who you entrust your PIN and Phone to for assistance. Your PIN is unique and shouldn’t be shared with anybody.

The elderly, request the assistance of young ones and they take advantage of that to dupe them, So changing or resetting your PIN should be something known to every individual. It makes you feel Safe and Secured, knowing you are the only person with access to your Funds.

Steps to follow on How to Reset your MoMo PIN:

  • Dial *170# on your MTN number
  • Select Option 6 for “My Wallet”,
  • Select Option 5 to “Change & Reset PIN”
  • Then select Option 2 to “Reset PIN”
  • Select Option 1 to register “Yes” and confirm your PIN.

It’s simple! That is how you successfully changed your MTN MoMo PIN

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