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How to Order an Uber in Ghana

How to Order an Uber in GhanaUber is a game-changer because of its launch in Ghana’s capital Accra. it gave people the chance to sit in the comforts of their homes and order a ride. Uber launched its services on June 9, 2016, because it identified Accra as the economically vibrant hub in Africa.

How to Order an Uber in Ghana
How to Order an Uber in Ghana

Due to their launch in Accra, it has reduced the monopoly. Taxi drivers used to have all the power, you pay what they demand of you or you take another cheaper mode of transmission. The article will demonstrate how to simply order a ride on the Uber App.

Steps to Request an Uber ride:

  • Download the Uber app on the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.
  • Launch the App
  • Register with your number, You will receive a one-time password.
  • Punch it in and wait
  • Now type your destination and Choose a ride.
  • Select a service and wait for your ride. It usually takes not more than two minutes.

Benefits of Downloading and using the Uber App

  1. No standing on the street to hail a cab
  2. Pay for a ride you can afford
  3. No struggling to find the nearest bus stop late at night.
  4. You can easily identify the driver and car coming to pick you up
  5. Share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) and location.
  6.  Get the chance to rate a driver after a Ride.

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