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How to Make Payment with MoMoPay

How to Make Payment with MoMo Pay. The convenience of MoMo Payment in Ghana has Improved A lot due to MTN Ghana. Chale, anytime you want to pay for any transaction just MoMo it. MoMo Pay is a hassle-free way to make payment and you don’t carry change. Here is the way to make a payment with MoMoPay. There is no paper work, no wahala.

Payment with MoMoPay
Payment with MoMoPay

Time is very important, so the less you spend making payment and waiting for receipt. The more you spend with your family and loved ones. MoMo Pay has made that possible.

How to Make Payment with MoMoPay

Steps on  how to pay with MoMoPay

  • Dial *170#
  • Enter option 2 for MoMoPay &Pay Bill
  • Choose 1 for MoMoPay
  • Now, you will need to know the merchant’s ID. This is different from the Merchant’s wallet number, which is no longer valid. The merchant should provide his ID upon request.
  • Enter the Merchant ID.
  • Enter the amount to be paid.
  • Enter your reference
  • The full name of the Merchant will be displayed for confirmation before payment.
  • After confirming the merchant’s name, enter your Mobile Money PIN.
  • You and the merchant will receive a notification for successful payment after this.

WAHALA NO DEY” It’s easy! Just MoMo It! For more visit or contact MTN Ghana.

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