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How to Make Money on WhatsApp In Ghana

The most effective method to make Cash on WhatsApp In Ghana. This year, How to Make Money on WhatsApp In Ghana is the most developing Searched question in Ghana right now. Obviously, everybody needs to earn cash.

How to Monetize your WhatsApp

In this blog, I will tell you the best way to earn cash simply by utilizing your WhatsApp. Everybody uses WhatsApp to chat with companions and watch WhatsApp statuses with other related stuff. Few really realize that the App can be monetized effortlessly.

Ways to make money using WhatsApp as a Ghanaian

How WhatsAD works.

WhatsAd marketing

WhatsAd is a model created by a Ghanaian computerized advertiser for assisting individuals in earning cash through their status by showing promotions on their statuses. It chips away at the pay-per-view structure. Meaning the more views, the more you will procure from the platform.

Publishers (you) get paid for the views they receive on ads posted on their status every 24 hours. When you register with WhatsAd, you are given specific images or videos which you are supposed to share on your status. You get paid through mobile money when you reach a threshold of GHC 5.

How to register for WhatsAd?

  1. Visit or download their app from the Google PlayStore
  2. Launch the app and click the register
  3. Key in your details (name, country, city, mobile money number, email address, and password)
  4. Tap on the register.
  5. Login to your account
  6. Look under my ads tab
  7. Select and download the ads available to you.
  8. Upload on your status and on social media
  9. When you get over 50 views, take a screenshot and upload it on the app or site to redeem your cash.

Use Tendo App to make money on WhatsApp

Tendo empowers anybody to begin their web-based business without money as any capital.

How does Tendo Works? you earn in only 3 easy steps.

  • Find a product on their platform at wholesale prices (download Tendo on PlayStore).
  • Add your profit
  • Share the product link online or your WhatsApp status
  • When a customer orders, Tendo will deliver on your behalf and send your profit.

Affiliate And Referral Promotion on WhatsApp

  1. Register for the Jumia partner program. copy your link and post it on your status. At the point when somebody taps the link on your status and buys something, you’ll earn a commission straight into your mobile money. It’s simple. Sign Up for Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program.
  2. You can also register for a PayPal account. Copy your referral link and share it with friends. Please encourage them also to write. Any registration done via your link earns you a commission. A PayPal account is a must-have if you intend to get into online businesses. How to Create a Paypal Account in Ghana.

One might ask whether this works. Indeed, it does. You’re simply not using the open doors accessible to you. In the event that you have a lot of contacts, say 1,000, you can talk with organizations to promote their items for them on your WhatsApp status and DP while you procure commission on each deal made through your promotion.

Promote your own products and get clients

Transform your Contacts into Clients. Sharing items on WhatsApp, let you influence your organization. Your contacts become your clients. Leveraging WhatsApp to promote your business is one of the cheapest advertising strategies you can use.

Make sure you save the contacts of a lot of friends. Post fliers, testimonials and product specifications on WhatsApp. Add prices to the items, interact with people who show interest, give them discounts whenever possible and see the magic happening.

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