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How To Increase your MoMo Transaction Limit

How To Increase your MoMo Transaction Limit- After Registration of Momo, It doesn’t guarantee you the ability to transact any amount you want with your wallet.

There is a category of Momo Customers and you need to know under which you fall, so you know the maximum amount your wallet can hold.

How much you can transact in a day and in a month? There are three categories of momo customers, as per the regulator, Bank of Ghana’s guidelines.

Each telco decides how much they allow each category of customers transacts in a day or in a month. When you cross your monthly threshold, your wallet will not be able to receive any more money.

There is a way out. if you want to boost your daily and monthly transaction thresholds.

Know what the categories are, and what is required to belong to one or the other. And it differs for each network.

How to increase Momo Transaction Limit

MTN sticks with the regulator’s description for the three categories – Minimum KYC (know your customer), Medium KYC and Enhanced KYC, while AirtelTigo prefers to describe their categories as Bronze, Gold and Platinum whiles Vodafone calls them Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Note that GHC1,000 is the regular amount but in this era of COVID-19.

MTN, with the blessing of BoG, has boosted the maximum balance for Minimum KYC customers to GHC2,000.

With regards to the daily transaction, you are allowed to spend and or transfer a total of GHC300 for the day.

How to Boost your Mobile Money Limit

Customers are required to provide the same ID they used to register their SIM, and then they will be given a form to fill out providing some specific information. Once you do that, your threshold will increase as follow: maximum wallet balance – GHC 10,000, total daily transaction – GHC2,000 and total monthly transaction – GHC20,000.

Visit MTN Ghana, Vodafone and AirtelTigo Websites for more information.

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