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How To Get Your NSS Certificate Sent To Your Doorstep

How To Get Your NSS Certificate Sent To Your Doorstep – Ghanaian Citizens must serve the nation at a point. Citizens mostly do that after acquiring the Higher Education Certificate. It could be a Degree, Diploma or HND. Ghana is one of the African countries that are in the process of Digitization.

How To Get Your NSS Certificate Sent To Your Doorstep
How To Get Your NSS Certificate Sent To Your Doorstep

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With the advancement in technology in the 21st century, countries have adjusted themselves to use technology in all aspects of life. Ghana is not far behind, The Vice president of Ghana has even been Nicknamed “The Digital Man”. The new government has made digitization a priority and a centrepiece for its own development.

In 2018, the National Service Scheme digitized its certificate system to enable personnel who have successfully completed their service to apply for their certificate online. Once you apply online, your certificate will be delivered to your location. This was made possible by NSS collaborating with Delivery Hub Limited (DHL).

How to Get it Done

  1. To begin, first, visit the NSS certificate website. Verify your NSS number and press enter to proceed. If in any way you don’t remember your NSS number, you can click on the “Don’t know your NSS number? Search below” button to access your account in an alternative way.
  2. The first stage of the National Service follows after successful verification. Fill in all the needed information at this stage. Information like your full name, NSS number, GPS address, Region of service, institution etc are asked. Press enter after filling out the forms.
  3. The next stage of the NSS certificate request is the “Electronic Consent Authorization Confirmation”. This is when you give consent to release information from Educational Records. Space for you to draw your signature will be provided.
  4. The third stage of the National Service Certificate request is the details preview stage. This stage is where you preview your entered information and cross-check if the information is accurate.
  5. The fourth stage is the Payment. This is where you choose a payment option to submit your payment for the delivery of your NSS certificate. You can pay with MTN mobile money or Express. As of 2019/2020, the cost of the delivery is 31.52 GHS.
  6. After submitting your payment, you would be asked to approve the payment from your account.
  7. DONE

After this, it will be delivered to your doorstep by a delivery person. Don’t worry the person will make sure to give you a call before making the trip just in case you address changes at the last minute. For more enquires Visit Their Website 

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