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How to Become a MoMo Agent

How to become a MoMo Agent. Since MTN introduced Mobile Money in Ghana, It has provided jobs for the general public by being an MTN Agent. Just like a King’s own Linguist, these agents assist Customers. This is how to become a MoMo Agent.

Become a MoMo Agent
Become a MoMo Agent

To become an agent there are required standards you have to meet before you become one. You need to be registered as a LIMITED company with existing outlets willing to provide service under your company name.

The following documents must be provided on How to Become a MoMo Agent:

  1. Your Business Registration Certificate
  2. A valid national photo ID (Voter’s ID/ National ID/ NHIS ID/ Driver’s License/ Passport/SSNIT ID).

You will also need to complete a form and submit it to MTN to begin the application Process;

  • Agent Recruitment form
  • Agent Account handler form
  • Agent/ Merchant code of ethics

The following are required in order to meet the criteria for becoming an MTN momo agent.

Agent’s Location and Structure

In accordance with EMI (E-money Issuer) guidelines, prospective Agents must also meet the required structure and location requirements below:

  • Permanent structure in the form of Brick and Mortar, Semi-permanent structure (Defined) is required for an Agent outlet. These structures should be placed within a 50-100 meter radius.
  • Wooden structures popularly known as kiosks and Space2Space Umbrella outlets do not meet the standard requirement.

Agent Capital Requirement:

Agents are required to have a startup capital of at least GH¢ 4,000.

Processing of Documents:

  1. Please note that MTN Mobile Money shall respond via email or phone to all applicants upon receipt of their application.
  2. Applications received shall be vetted to ensure they meet all requirements.
  3. Presenting fake documents in support of agent applications is a criminal offence and MTN Mobile Money reserves the right to reject any applications that do not meet the requirements above and take such action as may be necessary in respect thereof.
  4. Successful applicants shall be informed via email or phone about the status of their application.
  5. Processing of a successful application shall take a minimum or maximum of twenty-three (23) working days from the date on which the application is received.
  6. Successful applicants shall be notified via email or phone call upon completion of service.

For more information visit or contact MTN Ghana.

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