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How to Apply for afb Loans: Get GHS 2000 in no time

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for a loan from letshego savings and loans, formerly known as afb Ghana. We provide you with comprehensive information on loans right here at Loans in Ghana. Every person will inevitably suffer financial difficulty at some point in their life. This is how to Apply for afb Loans: Get GHS 2000 in no time

The most crucial factor is having the proper access to loans to purchase stuff. For the benefit of Ghanaians, Afb Ghana, now LetsHego Savings and Loans, has carefully crafted loans. They gained notoriety for developing the MTN Mobile Money Loan a few years ago.

How to Apply for afb Loans. Get GHS 2000 in no time

Is that their only available loan?

No, is the response.

There are further afb loans available. If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, your payment arrives promptly.

Afb Loan Requirements; How to Apply for afb Loans: Get GHS 2000 in no time

To be considered for a loan at Letshego Savings and Loans, you must meet the following criteria.

List of afb loans

  • Afb smartcash loan for informal or market traders
  • Payroll loans
  • Direct loans
  • Land loans
  • And many more

Let’s now examine each of the loans mentioned above in more detail. The afb smart cash mobile loan is a type of loan intended for market vendors or unorganized labour. It is a brief loan, lasting no more than 30 days.

This is one of Ghana’s most well-known mobile money loans. It is also immediate. You receive payment into either your Vodafone Cash or MTN Mobile Money wallet.

Characteristics of a Smartcash loan

  • It is collateral-free
  • No bank account required
  • You are paid directly into your mobile money wallet

The purpose of the land loan from afb (Letshego) Ghana is to help clients who wish to buy land but do not have the necessary funds to do so.

How to apply for afb loans

Downloading the credited Prime app from the Google Playstore will allow you to submit an application for any loan offered by afb Ghana. It is the only mobile application created by afb that makes it simple for users to acquire loans. Through this app, you have access to the loan application forms at AFB. The download link is provided below.

Creditum Prime‘s Page

Installation step by step

  • Download the app from playstore
  • Launch the app
  • Insert your login details
  • Select the loan you want to apply for
  • Key in all required details
  • Click next to proceed.
  • Wait for payment into your mobile money account

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