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Does Ghana MTN Sim Work in Nigeria

Does Ghana MTN Sim Work in Nigeria – The answer to that question is YES, your MTN Sim will be in Ghana through a service called Roaming. Ghana — Subscribers on the MTN network can now enjoy free incoming calls and SMSs while roaming in 15 countries across the world.

MTN Roaming Bundles allow you to enjoy discounted rates on outgoing calls, incoming calls, outgoing SMS, and Data while roaming in selected destinations.

Only prepaid or Postpaid subscribers can activate the roaming bundles. Free incoming calls can also be a benefit within the validity Period. Above are the types of roaming bundles.

  • Voice plus Data Bundles
  • Data only Bundles

What type of Consumer are you? 

You need to know that before you bundle so that you don’t overconsume or Under consume. But MTN has currently launched NO EXPIRY BUNDLES so you are good to go. Roaming bundles may not be enough for someone who is a heavy user because the price to purchase might be high.

For more contact, your nearest MTN Ghana office/ Visit their website or send them an email.

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