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Does Airteltigo have 4G? 

Does Airteltigo have 4G?  The general population have some idea about What is 4G?  and how it works. This Demonstration will help you know more about it.

3G arrived not long ago and it allowed mobile devices to route high-speed mobile internet for the first time. Mobile internet service only allowed Basic Data Services. 4G has become a game changer, so this is a new feature to enjoy great internet speeds even on wifi.

Does Airteltigo have 4G in Ghana
Does Airteltigo have 4G in Ghana

The answer to the question is No, AirtelTigo is yet to launch 4G. But if are using any Smart Phone which can enable 4G, then use these

Steps to enable Internet on your Android Device.

  1. Go to settings on your device
  2. Tap on Networks and Internet.
  3. Tap on Mobile Network
  4. Go to “Access point names”
  5. Click on the “plus” sign at the top right corner to add a new AirtelTigo internet settings APN
  6. Tap on the “drop-down button” at the right corner and then tap “save” to save the settings.

Method 2:

Use these details after going to the APN settings on your phone.


Connection name: airtelwap

Data Bearer: Packet data

Access Point Name (APN): wap

User name: (no content)

Password: (no content)

Proxy Server Address:

Proxy Port Number: 9401

That”s it

Contact AirtelTigo if this doesn’t work for you and am sure they will be of assistance to you.

Because Life is Simple

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