You are currently viewing Airteltigo Ghana Questions and Answers 2022/2023

Airteltigo Ghana Questions and Answers 2022/2023

Airteltigo Ghana Questions and Answers 2022/2023. Find all the answers to the basic questions you wish to know about Airtel-Tigo Ghana on this page.

Airteltigo Questions and Answers
Airteltigo Questions and Answers

Airteltigo 4G

Why Did Airtel and Tigo Merger?  

This is one of the network providers in Ghana, They were initially two separate Providers now merged. The merger, the first of its kind in Ghana, is a bid to increase share in the West African country where mobile phone use is one of the highest in Africa and competition for 37.4 million mobile phone users is fierce.

How to do Airteltigo Bundle?

AirtelTigo was the first to initiate bundles with no expiry meaning, you wouldn’t be in a rush to finish up your bundle when you didn’t need to.

AirtelTigo has the following bundle packages.

Airtel/ Tigo Fuse Bundles 

Price(Cedis)          Voice Minutes                      Data Volume

2                                40                                            40

5                                 100                                          100

10                                250                                         250

Steps to apply fuse bundle

  • Dial *567#
  • Select your preferred option and proceed.

You can bundle from your existing airtime balance, scratch card, or from your AirtelTigo Mobile Money wallet.

Sika Kokoo

Night Bundles

Big-time data bundles

Family bundles

How to do Airteltigo Transfer 

*123*3#To transfer credit to someone.
*123*3#To transfer credit to someone.

Does Airteltigo Midnight Bundle Expire?

The night bundle are from 12 am-5 am so, Yes they do expire if they aren’t exhausted by 5 am.

Does Airteltigo have 4G. 

No 4G has been launched yet as of the time of the article.

Does Airteltigo Give Loans?

Unlike its competition, AirtelTigo is yet to give loans to customers.

How to Check Airteltigo Number in Ghana. 

  1. Dial short code *703#
  2. Your number will appear to you on the screen.

How to Check Airteltigo Bundle. 

  1. *504#

How to Activate Airteltigo Sim Card.


1. full name

2. date of birth

3. sim number

4. ID card number

5. ICCID number refers to the long 19-digit number at the base of the sim card. it usually begins with 8923… here, you send us the last six digits

How to Register Airteltigo Mobile Money

Walk to the nearest Agent and present to them your details and they will gladly be of assistance.

Airteltigo Bigtime Night Data.

What is Airteltigo Customer Care Number

What is Airteltigo Sika Kokoo

When did Airtel and Tigo Merger

Who Owns Airteltigo