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100 Questions you should Expect from Census Officers

The 2021 Population and Housing Census PHC will commence on the 13th of June. The listing of Structures will begin and the Enumeration will begin on the 27th of June [CENSUS NIGHT]. We edge all citizens and non-citizens to assist officers to ensure a smooth enumeration that is going to help in decision-making in the Country. 100 Questions you should expect from Census Officers 2021.

Enumerations will come along with the IDs that will prove to allow or assist them in answering all the questions truthfully for all information will be strictly confidential and for Statistical Purposes [ONLY].

100 Questions you should Expect from Census Officers
100 Questions you should Expect from Census Officers

Meaning of Census? 100 Questions you should Expect from Census Officers

A population census is a complete snapshot of a nation’s people. It provides information on the size, location, and characteristics of a population. It is the backbone of a national statistical system.

Census Night

Census Night is the reference point for census enumeration and all questions in the census will relate to that night. Everyone must take note of the census night date and remember to answer the questions accurately during enumeration.

Set of Questions you should expect from Enumerators in the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

The questions might range from Personal Data, Above are 100 questions you might be asked;

  1. Name;
  2. Popular name of Household Member
  3. Date of Birth
  4. District of birth
  5. Region of Birth
  6. Place of Residence
  7. Ghanaian by birth or nationality
  8. Ethnic group, you belong
  9. Do you write or understand
  10. Read or write
  11. Every attendant school in the Past
  12. Currently attending now
  13. Highest grade Completed
  14. Where you were born? It refers to the living place you stayed after birth
  15. The main reason for moving from your town or village is if you have
  16. Type of denomination
  17. Ages
  18. Religious Affiliation
  19. Address
  20. Ghana Post Digital Address
  21. Contact
  22. Current Marital Status
  23. Is your Biological Mother Alive
  24. Is your Biological father Alive?
  25. Visitor Present during Census Night?
  26. Wife’s biological mother Details {alive or Dead}.
  27. Wife’s biological Details alive
  28. Absent Usual HouseHold Member?
  29. Anyone who used to be a Household Member has been living continuously or intends to live outside Ghana for
  30. the next 12 months?
  31. Your engagement in any economic activities
  32. Work Contract Agreement
  33. Job or Occupation Description
  34. Relationship of members to Household head
  35. If a member has travelled to the destination town of the village
  36. Region
  37. Ethnicity
  38. Literacy and Education
  39. District or country of destination
  40. If you are covered by NHIS or other private Health Insurance
  41. Name of 1st Household Members
  42. Type of dwelling?
  43. Construction material used for the outer wall of the dwelling unit
  44. Roofing Material for the dwelling unit
  45. Construction Material for your Floor
  46.  Present holding tenancy arrangement of the dwelling?
  47. Number of rooms for dwelling
  48. Number of Sleeping Rooms
  49. Source of Lighting for the Dwelling
  50. The secondary source of Lighting for the Dwelling
  51. The main source of fuel for cooking
  52. The secondary source of fuel for cooking
  53. Type of Cooking Space
  54. The main source of Drinking water
  55. The main source of water for domestic use is cooking and Washing
  56.  Type of Bathing facility
  57. If you own a radio/ Stereo
  58. If you own a fixed telephone line?
  59. If you own a cordless telephone
  60. If you own a Digital Television
  61. Number of Digital Television
  62. Analog Television
  63. If you currently own a refrigerator
  64. Number of (Fridges)
  65. If your household currently ow a deep freezer
  66. Number of Deep freezers
  67. Whether you own a desktop computer
  68. Whether you own a Laptop
  69. Number of Laptops
  70. If you own a bicycle
  71. If you own a tricycle
  72. Motor cycle
  73. Car of truck
  74. Number of Cars/trucks
  75. If you own a tractor
  76. Animal-driven cart
  77. Mule/donkey/Camel
  78. If you own a Canoe
  79. Do you own an Outboard Motor?
  80. Do you own a Home theatre?
  81. Number of Home theatre
  82. Type of refuse receptacle
  83. How rubbish is been disposed
  84. Toilet facilities mainly used by your Household
  85. Type of Drop Hole/Seat
  86. Number of Toilet cubicles available
  87. Is it shared with another Household?
  88. How is water waste disposed of?
  89. The sector that you work in?
  90. Your Main work or Business
  91. Employment Status
  92. Are you Available to Work and Can’t Find Work?
  93. Have you worked in the Past?
  94. Agriculture, Non-Agriculture Sector
  95. What device do you own?
  96. What devices have you used for the Past 3month?
  97.  What kind of transaction have you used the device to execute?
  98. Deaths of Household Members
  99. Birth of House Member
  100. Source of Electricity and Secondary
  101. Source of Cooking Fuel

Note; Answers given are Strictly Confidential and would be used for Statistical Purposes Only.